Your logo is a tricky one. You might get one professionally designed, you might choose to get one done by your neighbours 12 year old son, or you might say "Meh. Don't worry. I'll just write the name in Times New Roman." - believe me, I've seen it all!
If you choose the latter, sorry, but here's a fact: your logo is the number one public face of your service, your business, or your band or your website, or crocheted watermellon cover.

Logos designed by Housemartin are effective, affordable and dynamic.

Housemartin design is also the place to come for brand management - making sure you get consistency across all of your collateral and web presence.
Obviously the logo I'm most proud of is the Housemartin logo, but here is a small selection of nice logos from our logo channel.

Design & print


Housemartin can take care of your design and print.

Business cards, books, brochures. Ask us for a quote.


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