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hm-iphoneWell, It's not rocket-science. It's much more complicated than that. That's how it feels, but it's far from the truth.

Q: What happens when your sharing a coffee with your iphone in a Paddington cafe, and you navigate to a website that isn't smart phone optimised? Do you sit there squinting at tiny menus and ruining the general chic ambience that surrounds you.

A: Absolument non!

It's a fact.

People don't spend the time navigating around unfriendly sites on their devices. They go elsewhere, and that's a loss.

But the solution is quite straight forward. When your planning your site, always bear in mind the mobile optimised version - smart menus - easy navigation - branding consistency - take advantage of the things your device enables that your laptop doesn't. Responsive sites are a must for any serious web presence. Full stop. If your viewing this on your phone, you get it already.

So call me. Mine's a double shot flat white.


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